it’s almost time to go to our dorms i believe?


“it’s scary to know you could possibly die if you stay out too long or past bedtime..”

he mumbled to himself and kicked his legs alittle as he sat in the cafeteria on the table thinking to himself, thinking back on how he got here and what happened to bring him here, what did he even do to deserve to be here?

ishimaru frowned alittle and looked down at his lap, he doesn’t want to say he’s the perfect student, because he really isn’t he was just a good student who did as he was told and never got in any fights, so.


“why am i here..?”

Airi padded into the cafeteria, clutching her stuffed animal in her hands. The bear had left the all with a devastating truth and in a despairing reality but having her doggie with her helped calm her mind. She was seventeen, yes, but far ore child-like than most teenagers. Her mind seemed to be blocking the actual reality of the situation or perhaps she chose to think that way.

As she snuck into the cafeteria, she noticed someone sitting by themselves. He looked rather down and troubled. “U-Um…er…" The words she wanted to say were unable to find their way to her tongue. Shaking her head, she tried to think of what her anime heroes would do. Surely, they would approach the glum student and attempt to cheer him up. So, she tried to do just that. Standing some distance away, she tried to talk to him. "I-I think you should be…I-I um….." Airi had no clue what could possibly cheer the other person up. Then again, there was one thing that always relaxed her. "D-Do you want to…hold my doggie?


Food for Thought

The announcement that the strange bear had made continued to run through the girl’s head. Her thoughts were jumbled, jumping between shock to disbelief to sadness and then back to shock again. Walking down the hallway of rooms, she tried to think of what the best course of action was. Surely, no one would kill someone else. That was something only bad guys did and no one looked like a bad guy in this group. The only thing they could do was escape, but until they figured out how all they were able to do was wait and think. Airi frowned, her hand going to the stuffed animal she usually kept in her big pockets. A troubled expression flashed across her face as she remembered what she had forgotten back in her room. The pinkette was almost at the cafeteria, though, and she didn’t want to turn back. Steeling her courage, she entered the room.

Towards the back of the room were thick glass windows with the view of a backyard painted somewhere between the large slabs of glass. It looked almost real until one noticed the absolute stillness of it. In the end, it was just a fake substitute for the nature they were missing outside. Approaching the fridge cautiously, Airi wondered if taking food out was alright. The bear did say that it replenished sooner or later but he could have been lying. Then again, the bear didn’t look like it was lying. Her hand went to the chocolate cake before pausing once again. Someone’s birthday could be coming up soon and the cake would be needed then to celebrate. Her brown optics scanned the rest of the fridge, her imagination spinning. Perhaps, all the ingredients would be needed for something much more important than her cravings. 

"I-I guess I shouldn’t eat…." With a resigned sigh, she closed the fridge door. Her stomach protested, rumbling its complaint. "Shhh. They need the food for birthdays." Airi said softly, her voice faint. Glancing up, she jumped when she noticed that someone else was also in the cafeteria with her. Switching to the voice of one of the old cartoon heroes she used to watch as a kid, she made the X sign with her fingers and shouted. "Ninja Begone from my sight! You didn’t surprise me in the least!" Her voice was unusually energized and sounded much like a sporty teenage boy’s.


"A bad mood…I-I usually watch my favorite episodes of different anime and think about what the characters would do in my situation."

Angel Wing Heart